We are bringing together four of New Zealand’s social enterprise rockstars to talk about their journeys to date, lessons they’ve learnt and what they’re excited about for the future.

Great for you if you’re interested in:
• What is social enterprise?
•  Starting and running a social enterprise
•  Careers

Tuesday, 26th Sept.

10:00am – 11:00am

EPIC, 76/106 Manchester St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch

Free (registration required)

The Public Talk is brought to you by the Social Enterprise World Forum and the Christchurch City Council. 


Brianne West Founder and Managing Director of Ethique (New Zealand)

In 2012 Brianne was in her second year at university studying a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Canterbury (UC) in New Zealand when she discovered a way to create solid shampoos. Brianne is a biologist and formulator extraordinaire, so she didn’t just stop at shampoo she went on to develop more than 30 solid beauty bars including solid shampoos for different hair types as well as conditioners, cleansers, scrubs, moisturisers, serums, a self-tanning bar, pet shampoo, men’s shampoo/shaving bar and household cleaners. Funding has allowed Ethique to move into its own manufacturing facility with a customised lab where Brianne continues to formulate cutting-edge products that marry science with nature.  All Ethique products use ethically sourced, naturally-derived and sustainable ingredients. Ethique (pronounced Eh-tique) is the French word for ‘ethical’ and we believe it is the first beauty company in the world to develop an entirely solid product range. All products are sold in compostable packaging, meaning zero consumer waste. Ethique’s dedication to sustainable beauty practices has prevented the manufacture and disposal of more than 150,000 plastic containers worldwide, and is driven by the hashtag #giveupthebottle.  

Kendall Flutey Banqer co-founder

Kendall Flutey is helping Kiwi kids develop valuable financial literacy skills through her online education programme Banqer. Banqer is an online fictitious banking system designed to help children understand money better. Each student is given their own bank account, where they can transfer money, set up automatic payments and track their spending.  The programme teaches concepts around income, interest on savings, tax, property investment and insurance. The Banqer team have a wealth of direct experience in education, finance, technology, and design. The problem They’re trying to tackle is a pretty big one, so they’re all about collaborating with some big movers and shakers to realise Banqer’s full potential. Flutey, an accountant turned developer, says Banqer is now used In 180 classrooms nationwide and parents are also getting kids to use the tool at home.  

Dr. Tyler Brummer Co-Founder, WeVisit

Tyler has a background in research and is motivated by creating innovative solutions to social problems. Tyler leads the operations of WeVisit in addition to business development and impact measurement. WeVisit’s impact of connecting people to mutually enrich each other’s lives is equal to any of our financial goals. WeVisit want to change the way the healthcare and education systems work for everyone, and think social enterprise and impact investment is the way to get there.  

Guy Ryan CEO and Founder of Inspiring Stories (New Zealand)

Guy was awarded Young New Zealander of the Year in 2015, and in the same year was invited to speak at the Social Enterprise World Forum alongside Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. He has served on boards and strategic groups advising government and business, and has spoken internationally and at home to more than 25,000 people. From humble beginnings growing up in one of the most rural parts of New Zealand, Guy has built numerous ventures from scratch, both for-profit and charitable, and is particularly passionate about social enterprise as a means to help solve the complex and urgent challenges our world faces. As the Founder and Chief Executive of Inspiring Stories, he’s built an impressive track record of programmes and partnerships that have now supported more than 6,000 young New Zealanders to unleash their potential. These include major national events (Festival for the Future) to accelerator programmes (Live the Dream), and most recently the commercial ventures that have enabled Inspiring Stories to transition from a charity to a social enterprise with its recruitment agency (Millennials) and speaker bureau (Inspiring Speakers) ventures.