The IceBox Challenge is a public experiment and contest, pitting a building built to the minimum NZ Building Code standard against one built to the internationally recognised Passive House Standard.

Two buildings, the IceBoxes, are built. One to the NZ Building Code standard and one to the Passive House Standard. Into each building is placed a 500kg block of ice, and the buildings are left in the sun for nine days.

Which building will perform better? Which building will have more ice left after nine days in the sun?

Visit the IceBoxes and take the IceBox Challenge. Guess how much ice will be left in each IceBox while you learn about the benefits of the Passive House Standard and its effectiveness at providing buildings that are perpetually warm, comfortable and healthy.

Date / Time
23 September 10:00 to 1 October 3:00

Mitre 10 Mega
54 Harewood Road